We will be at Gilgo Beach on Septemeber 15, 2018.  We hope to have our first group in the water around 8am.  We hope you can join us!! To register click on the button below:


Opening day is June 27, 2018 Start time is 3pm at St Anthony’s High School.  Athletes can register online by clicking on the registration tab in the menu above and scrolling down to Sports Camp section of that page.    Full schedule can be found on the Sports Camp  tab of programs .   

First camp will be Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at St. Anthony’s High School.




About us

Challenger Athletics Inc. is an organization dedicated to providing sport programs to people with learning disabilities and physical disabilities.  It is also our goal to enlighten the community and inspire our athletes to exceed their potential and reach for the stars!!! Finally, we want to motivate those who can to come down and help us. All it takes is a desire to help others and a love for sports. But be prepared our athletes just might change your life as well!


Challenger Athletics’ mission is to establish sport programs for people with both physical and learning disabilities. Our objective is to foster, promote and encourage sportsmanship, teamwork and friendship through all sports. While striving for these goals our athletes will develop social skills and increase self-esteem. Finally, it is our intention to increase community awareness and sponsorship for our program and for people with special needs.

How To Participate



Challenger Experiences

“I cannot say enough good things about the challenger sports organization. The volunteers and athletes are super enthusiastic about what they are doing and it is very well organized. The volunteers are passionate about helping their buddy learn and love their sport. Coach Ray is amazing with everyone involved. I have a child who volunteers as a buddy and a child who participates as an athlete and they both have a great time and Coach Ray keeps them working and laughing.”

Colleen Daly

“My son had a great time at the tennis clinic. He never played before and the program at Challenger Athletics was wonderful! Coach Ray and all the volunteers are amazing! I am so thankful for this organization and all they do for the kids! My son is looking forward for Lacrosse to start. He really enjoyed it last year and I know he will again this year as well!
Thank you again!”


“My son has been participating in Lacrosse and Tennis as well as the Summer Sports Camp for the last few years. All three are very well run with lots of buddies for support. Now that tennis just finished, he is looking forward to lacrosse this spring and Sports Camp in the summer. Thanks Coach Ray and all the volunteers for these wonderful programs!”

Barbara O’Connor Lamantia

Our Supporters